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Ministry of Education
1388:Year of revision to pattern of consumption

چهارشنبه 1 مرداد 1393 - 25 رمضان 1435- 23 جولای 2014
اولياء و دانش‌آموزان سردرگم در آشفته ‌بازار نشر آموزشي
گفتگوي روزنامه «جوان» با مدير‌كل دفتر تكنولوژي و انتشارات كمك آموزشي   [ادامه ...]
  [ادامه ...]

World’s First Invisible Quran Displayed at Tehran Quran Exhibit   22/7/2014
Int’l Quds Day reminds Muslims to liberate Bait-ul-Muqaddas from alien occupation: Jalal   22/7/2014
Hamas calls on Iran to speak out to draw attention ofInternational Criminal Court to Israeli war crimes in ofI   22/7/2014
Muslim World should take action to save Gaza people, Russian Mufti   22/7/2014
Persian Gulf archeological excavations in progress, official   22/7/2014
Social Security Organization voice readiness to treat Gazan injured people   22/7/2014
Iranian children shine in Belarus   22/7/2014
President at the cabinet session:   22/7/2014
Iran Telecom 2014 due October   21/7/2014
Archeological excavations in Ardebil where precious goblet found   29/4/93
Headlines in major Iranian newspapers on July 17   20/7/2014
Tehran to host confab on promoting science in museums   16/7/2014
Iranian luminaries buried in Karbala   16/7/2014
IRCS deplores Israeli air raids targeting civilians in Gaza   16/7/2014
Headlines in major Iranian newspapers on July 16   16/7/2014

Wednesday, 23 July, 2014


The statement of the supreme leader on the tragedy of Gaza

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