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Ministry of Education
1388:Year of revision to pattern of consumption

نتيجه بزرگ شمردن دنيا
رسول خدا صلی الله علیه و آله:
إذا عَظَّمَتْ اُمّتي الدُّنيا نَزَعَ اللّه‏ُ منها هَيْبَةَ الإسلامِ؛
هرگاه امّت من دنيا را بزرگ بدارند، خداوند شكوه اسلام را از آنان
مى‏ گيرد.
تنبيه الخواطر: ج1، ص75    [ادامه ...]
  [ادامه ...]

Mr Saeed Mashhadi Farahani was appointed as the Manager of Planning and Finance   15 April 2
Mr Seyied Nusratallah Fazeli was appointed as theAdvisor and Secretary of the Scientific Coordinating Council    15 April 2
Mr seyied Hussain Tallaee zavareh was appointed as the deputy Resource Development and Support   15 April 2
OERP official website is under construction   14/3/2014
UNESCO International Forum on Lifelong Learning, Shanghai World Expo 2010   27/10/89
President emphasizes on govt. back for science   27/10/89
Supreme Leader Meets with People of Qom   27/10/89
Biography of Imam Khomeini   8/3/89
Primary school texts contents expand   29/1/89
Global Action Week 2010 calls for increased funding for education   29/1/89
Leader visits car industry progress fair    21/1/89
"Sacred Defense should never be forgotten"   21/1/89
Islamic Revolution Leader: Officials should keep unity for making great decisions   21/1/89
OIC must mobilize Muslims against Zionists   21/1/89
IR Leader calls for double work in all fields   21/1/89

Friday, 18 April, 2014


The statement of the supreme leader on the tragedy of Gaza

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